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Tayo Sowole

Tayo is the Founder of Thrive Consulting Limited, a company that is helping other Africa
Focused Founders solve challenges around Sales, Sales Operations, Customer Success and
Tayo has worked in Saas Sales and Marketing for more than a decade at companies like
uLesson Education, SeamlessHR, Bento Africa, Cheki and more.
Known for building and growing high-performing teams as well as training and coaching the next
generation of Sales Leaders across Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda, he is a Certified
Professional Sales Coach and a Fellow Professional Mentor and Coach.
His dedication to empowering others and his ability to think critically about sales and net
revenue retention mark Tayo as a distinguished professional and thought leader in his field.
In his most recent role as the General Manager and Chief Strategic Sales Officer at the uLesson
Group, Tayo oversaw more than 5000% revenue growth over a 3 year period.
Outside of work, Tayo is a lover of cricket and his not for profit organization, The Middle Stump,
uses cricket as a tool for social change in Africa.