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RevStar Community for Salespeople and Revenue Leaders

RevStar Community is a community created specifically for leaders in commercial and revenue-related functions (Sales, Sales Operations, Customer Success, Marketing, and Growth).

Our community is a hub for professionals from various revenue-related functions in dynamic, high-growth organizations. We understand that the path to enhancing business performance and customer engagement is more effective when navigated together.

Members of RevStar are at the forefront of developing and implementing strategies that amplify their company’s financial performance. In this community, we exchange insights and proven methods, offer mutual support in problem-solving, and foster an environment of openness and genuine connection. Our aim is to empower each other in our collective pursuit of outstanding business achievements.

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Expert-led workshops

Short and Intensive training sessions led by industry experts. Focused on enhancing leadership skills, refining sales strategies, and leveraging technology to optimize revenue generation.

Exclusive networking events

These curated gatherings offer a platform for networking, collaboration, and the exchange of industry-specific knowledge.

Private online forum

A virtual space where industry professionals can engage in discussions, share expertise, and collaborate on sales strategies.

Godwin Ogedegbe

Sales Manager

‘Toun Akinsunmi

Director, Customer Success

Omolara Lamidi-Oseni

Customer Success and Retention

Olakunle Awosanmi

Customer Success | Key Account Management

Emmanuel Chisomnazu Opara

Senior Data Consultant

Paul Dakum

Data Leader

Alexander Olamide Olafare

Growth & Customer Retention Marketer

Olalekan Ajani

Tech Sales | B2B & B2C