There is a fairly popular saying which coincidentally is the title of a book by Seth Godin “All Salesmen are Liars”. I find it both funny and hard to believe (of course, I am a salesman). The truth though, from my standpoint is that the best salesmen actually are the ones who tell the truth. The ones whose words carry weight, the trusted ones.
My question to salespeople is, How Much Is Your Word Worth?

In a battle, a soldier prepared to bring this wounded friend back from the field.

His Captain said; It’s of no use! Your friend must be dead by now” But against the fiery and flying bullets of battle, this soldier still went and brought back his friend.

At his unbelievably valiant return, seeing the dead body, the Captain said; I told you it’s of no worth. He’s dead”. The soldier replied amidst tear-glazed eyes: No sir, it was really worth the effort, when I got to him, writhing in indescribable agony, my friend saw me, smiled and said his last words:


Like this faithful soldier’s friend VALUED and could TAKE HIM FOR HIS WORD, HOW MUCH IS YOUR WORD WORTH?

During a sales call, whenever you give YOUR WORD or make a PROMISE, BE SURE TO KEEP IT

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